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Seu D'Urgell

Situated out to the Pyrenees Seu D'Urgell is a delightful rural Catalan town with a pleasant, if not particularly striking town centre, but with a fabulous white water rapids centre where you can just sit and whileaway a day watching canoes cutting through the rushing water with the mountains of the Pyrenees behind.

Seu D'Urgell is located to the North of Catalonia in the foothills of the Pyrenees and took us about 2 or 2.5 hours to drive there. Depending on the time of year the drive itself is worth doing as you travel through the relatively sparsely populated interior of the province.

The town itself is quite small and we parked just outside the centre. Walking in towards the centre we noticed the signs for the canoing centre. We believe this is the course used in the 1992 Olympics and is situated in a park where you can walk around the course and sit on the grass and watch the participents duck and dive through the water.

In the town (about 4 minutes from the canoe park), is a pleasant if not spectacular centre with a tree lined avenue and space to sit and while the world away. There are a few notable buildings and some narrow streets which make for a comfortable stroll.

The town itself sits in a valley and surrounded by fields and farm land. We were there in July and it was still a lush green with cows in the fields, in contrast to the more arid coast. Around the valley you can start to see the first low peaks of the mountains.

If you take the tunnel approach through Berga E9 and then turn along the N260, you will have good views of the high mountains of Andorra, which are snow capped for much of the year.

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