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Barcelona Village

Ametlla and Ampolla

Fishing ports down the coast with views to the Ebre Delta. Extremely good scenery and not heavily developed with cliffs and little coves into clear blue water that looked excellent for snorkling.

No pictures, I'm afraid, but Ametlla de Mar and it's southern neighbour Ampolla tucked just between the Ebre delta with Tarragona to the north, were small villages with some tourism, but still enough of a beating heart as fishing ports to be a little rougher and less touristy than towns to the north.

The coast here is rocky with low cliffs of 10-30m over clear, turquoise blue seas. In the distance, the flat green Ebre Delta (the Ebre is Spain's longest river, and the delta itself is an outflow from the river that looks like a bump on the spanish coast line) can be seen. Although we didn't go to the Detla, it is known for its rice paddies and flamingoes and is rich and fertile.

In these southern areas of Catalunya, everything is more spaced out than in the more developed Costa Brava in the North and so feels much more rural and 'real'. Amettla itself is largely a fishing port with a fleet of large modern fishing boats, but some developments.

We walked between Ametlla and Ampolla, and the coast was definitely not heavily developed, although there were people at each of the bays we came across. There was a lot of boat traffic and jet skis and this seemed to be a perfect area for holidays on the water.

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