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Barcelona Village

Costa Dorada

The Costa Dorada runs from North of Tarragona to Sitges. It's largely flat with very long sandy beaches, but like the Maresme lacks some character.

Walking once again, we took the train to Callafel and literally had a day just walking along the beach, following the sand all the way from Callafel itself to Sta Lucia just below Vilanova i la Getreu.

The sand and water are pleasant enough and would make a good location for a family beach holiday, if that was all that you wanted to do. The beaches themselves were clean and shallow. Behind the beaches are apartment blocks, but no more than about 5 storeys high and relatively well spaced out so it doesn't feel overpowering, but there is little differentiation between each village as you walk by.

If you really want the beach it's a pretty good bucket and space type place, and for me, more pleasant than the Maresme to the north of Barcelona with the beaches being more children friendly.

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