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Many ex-pats may take Sky to keep up with UK news, but if you use free digital TV here, you can switch to the original English audio track for films and series on the digibox.

Television in Barcelona has a wide range of channels with a broad selection of content and Barcelona itself has it's own TV channels.

Naturally TV is normally in Spanish or for TV3 in Catalan. But there are also channels in German and French. By and large the major channels are TVE 1 and 2 which are the main Spanish equivalent of the BBC.

More interesting are 4 and 5 which have more comedy and magazine format programmes - naturally almost always in Spanish. Antenne 3 is the main source of films and also shows Champions League Football, though other channels also show films too. Sexta shows domestic La Liga football with Spanish commentary, usually with the same match being shown on TV3 but with Catalan commentary.

For sports enthusiasts it's often possible to see UK Premiership football and English Rugby too on the Spanish channels.

As in the UK, everything is moving to digital TV and if you have a digibox for the free channels, you can choose to take the original audio track, rather than the Spanish dubbed version. Select Audio and switch to the second language option. This allows you to watch films in English and with the actors sounding like you would expect, rather than the relatively poor dubbing into Spanish.

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