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Out and about in Catalunya

Places to visit

Perpignan over the Spanish border a quaint city and means you can buy some squash for drinks (it's really hard to find in BCN - you would be amazed at the things that don't see to cross the Spanish border from France)

Sitges is a very hip and trendy whitewashed seaside town just down from BCN. I'm told that before they revitalised the sea front in Barcelona, Sitges was the beach for BCN.

Girona has romantic gothic heart and is very pretty. In the spring you can see snow on the Pyrenees while walking around the city walls in a t-shirt

Vic is also worth a visit with an old centre and, we discovered by chance, a really really good (if crowded) medieval Christmas market around the 9/10th December with lots and lots of stalls, traditional crafts and almost all the sellers dressed up in medieval costumes.

Seu d'Urgell is where they held the canoeing for the Olympics and is up towards the mountains. We spent a really enjoyable day watching canoeists negotiating the rapids in a man-made centre.

Banyolls (to the North of Girona) is where you can go if you're bored of the sea. It has a pleasant lake which can easily be walked around in a couple of hours and feels a bit more like English countryside.

Penedes is the wine growing area and is somewhere we've driven through with gentle rolling countryside and acres and acres of vines. Vilafranca de Penedes is another really lovely town with an historic town centre.

Hostalric is a smaller walled city with a castle half way to Girona. We got there also at the time of their Christmas market, this time just before Easter.

Figueres is famous as the home of the Dali and the Dali museum. The museum is in an old theatre and is very theatrical in nature. It seemed very self-indulgent 20 years ago, but this time seemed a more balanced collection.

Further to the South is Tarragona, the ancient Roman capital of this area with Roman ampitheatre and an older part. It's pleasant enough but other smaller towns have been more appealing from what we've seen.

Down near Tarragona is Port Aventura - the second largest theme park in Europe and on a direct train from Barcelona Sants.

Port Aventura

Port Aventura is a huge theme park next to Salou just south of Tarragona and about 90 minutes by train from Barcelona main stations. Entry prices are around €45 per adult and €36 per child.

San Miquel de Fai

San Miquel de Fai is a monestary in a spectacular location about 30km north of Barcelona perched on the side of a cliff with waterfalls and caves nearby. Only open Sundays and Festivals but well worth the drive for the view.

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